Bolivian Slang from Gerard’s cuaderno

chocho – happy

el chango – dude, referring to teenagers or younger guys in general

la casera/el casero – someone whom you go to often to buy things or take care of things.   In return, he/she cuts you mad deals

oxidado – rusted, as in lost competence to do something, weakened skill

el cuate – dude, as in your best buddy

la pichanga/es un pichanga – easy to do, no problem. ex. “that looks difficult!!” “no, no, es una pichanga.”

la macana/es una macana – it’s a mass; a problem

ya pues/ya’ps – yes, of course! or right now!

no pues/no’ps – no, of course not!

uta – wow! when something good or bad happens

¡¡yaaaaaaaa!! – general expression of happiness you will often hear young groups of young kids scream this in chorus while laughing at something humorous in their conversation

la cheva – beer

la chifa – Chinese food

ahurita – form of “ahora,” but more urgent as in “right now!” You will often hear waiters or others say this after you’ve waited a million years for your order…

la ñata/el ñato – girlfriend/boyfriend

el trago – drink (alcoholic)

ido/estaba ido – totally drunk; gone. “Yo estaba ido” = “I was totally wasted”

chaqui – hungover

¡pucha! – word expressing frustration or exasperation. ex. “I was trying to make the bus on time but, ¡pucha!, I just missed it!”

el cojudo – the moron, the fool! ex. “He did a terrible job, el cojudo!”


3 responses to “Bolivian Slang from Gerard’s cuaderno

  1. uta, cholita wrestling.

    miss you bofe

  2. ps get some fracking syndication

  3. El chango esta chocho porque su cuate el casero le dio por una pichanga esa macana de trago …. pucha que el cojudo tuvo chaqui

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